Network Test Labs is a leading international provider for
information technology security services
Virtualization Security

NTL's consultants will assess the security of server platforms, virtual host types, virtual and real network configurations, management systems, access control and relevant operational and security controls to determine the state of your existing virtualized environments.

Managed Cyber Security
Threat Management Solution

NTL offers two layers of specialized threat detection, real-time intelligence, adaptive protection, rapid response and in-line blocking capabilities to combat targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Compliance as a
Service (CaaS)

NTL offers a complete solution for customers that incorporate various technologies and services including Payment Card Industry Assurance Services and Security Managed Services which includes everything from firewalls, anti-viruses, virtual patching, integrity monitoring and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems that you will need to get PCI Compliance.

Information Systems

NTL's certified security consultants with over a decade of experience provide a custom tailored assessment program which examines the specific areas of concern with pinpoint accuracy and precision. NTL experts have worked for Canada’s most trusted telecommunication companies, delivering security consultation services to provincial and municipal governments across British Columbia and Alberta.



Why Choose Us

Simply because we are the best in the business!

NTL has just the right set of mechanical as well as human resources that are required to transform your business into a more secure and comprehensive unit!

Whether you are looking for Virtualization Security Assessments, Cyber Security Threat Management Solutions, Internet Gaming System Services, Information Systems Security or Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solutions, trust us to come up with the most reliable solutions for your business!

Here is a sneak peek at the points that make us the best in the business -

Effective Strategies
Effective Strategies

Our goal is to ensure that your organization gets the adequate protection and proven industry expertise. We are focused towards ensuring maximum cyber-security to your business.


NTL’s management and technical staff are supported by: administrative staff, security consultants, test engineers, project manager and technical writers with industry leading expertises.


NTL offers fully independent and impartial assessments while working closely with clients, regulators, manufactures, and vendors. Being a comprehensive data security services provider, NTL assures complete and impartial security assessments.